Glassy Zone

Glassy Pro, a company of the SurfCity Donostia Cluster, to launch Glassy Zone, a “Wearable” technology for surfers that measures activity and improves performance  


Glassy Zone is a water-resistant tracker made for and by surfers. A wristband with UV sensor, it measures surfing and resting activity, as well as health indicators. It can keep record of the user’s activity 24 hours a day: resting times, calories burned, exposure to UV radiation and, of course, activity in the water. You can even challenge other users with the built-in Glass app.


The Glassy Zone campaign was launched at Indiegogo on 14 October at 8am (EDT). The first users to get ‘Glassy Zone: The Ultimate Surfing Device’ (USD99) will help fund the manufacture and distribution of this new wearable technology for surfers.


Glassy Zone measures specific surfing parameters: riding vs. paddling times, speed, number of waves caught, circuits, and so on. It includes a sensor that tracks exposure to harmful UV radiation in and out of water and sends alerts in the form of a blinking LED light when you have reached the recommended exposure limit.


When you get out of the water, Glassy Zone tracks well-being indicators and health vitals, including the number of hours you sleep, the stages you go through during sleep, the quality of your rest, your daily step count, the number of calories burned and the achievement of the goals you set for yourself.


About Glassy Pro

Glassy Pro is shaping the future of surfing with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology used to redefine surfing through apps and wearable technology. Used by beginners and advanced surfers alike, the Glassy Pro app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times worldwide. Its database is constantly being updated, containing more than 8000 surf spots. For more information about Glassy Pro, please visit


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