• Boosting the surf sector locallylearning about its needs and expectations and working together towards a joint strategy that promotes innovation and develops competitiveness in terms of sustainability.  
  • Identifying the strategic challenges facing the sectorsharing relevant information and promoting communication and conversation among people, agents and institutions in terms of working together and boosting alliances that promote international competitiveness. 


  • Promoting and managing initiatives with greater weight that are specicific to the surf sector by identifying opportunities, adapting training to companies' changing needs, promoting collaboration between agents in the sector, helping to create value and facilitating agents' skills to work towards a well-balanced, innovative and participative sector. 


  • Promoting added value through a diversified client-based product and service offer.


  • Promoting RTD+i in the surf sector and facilitating SME access to technological innovation. Facilitating management of change towards new dynamics, new lines for working together and new challenges for people, agents and institutions within the cluster. 


  • Promoting the international repute of people, agents and institutions within the sector leading an initiative from Fomento de San Sebastian known as the Cities Network.


  • Incorporating added value in to the surf sector with an offer intended for sectors such as tourism and competition sport.





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