Azti Tecnalia. Scientific research

However, there are other surf spots nearby, some which are potentially excellent. The problem is that these spots contain rocks which stick up in the middle of the wave and therefore make them dangerous and unable to be surfed to their full potential.


To determine the possibility of improving the surfability of these waves, a scientific project is under way at Puerto de la Cruz. The first part of the project is an investigation into the physical characteristics of the waves, including their consistency and quality for surfing, and the specific effect of the rocks on the wave itself.


The initial study started in January and will last until June 2012, starting with qualitative surveys of the area, and the installation of a video-monitoring system with cameras situated overlooking the surf from the Hotel Tenerife Playa. Data from this system are being collected over a three-month period, which will be used to analyse the wave characteristics alongside long-term data from nearby wavebuoys. Results will be communicated via technical reports and seminars.



In summary, the objectives of the study include the following:


  • Quantify the consistency and quality of the waves for surfing in Puerto de la Cruz
  • Quantify the position of the rocks and their effect on the waves for surfing
  • Investigate the possibility of improving the surfability and safety of these waves by physically removing one or several of the rocks.


The end result is expected to be to contribute to increase in the usability for surfing of a natural resource that is the coastal ocean waves, with negligible effects on the surrounding natural environment.