Uba Aterpetxea / Green Nest Donostia

Uba House is the San Sebastian City Council's response to the growing demand for alternative accommodation in our city, just like most European cities.


As simple, cheap and modern accommodation, Uba House will offer visitors similar services to a top youth hostel. 


Located 4km from the centre of San Sebastian, standing in a 17,000 m2 plot on the south slopes of Ametzagaina Park, Uba House is a four storey, eco-design building with over 700m2 of useful surface area per floor. Common areas take up much of the space inside the building, along with 196 beds arranged in different types of room: doubles, quadruples, etc.


The building's hot water and heating needs are covered by a biomass boiler and photovoltaic panels that reduce contaminating emissions in an environment surrounded by vegetation.


Right in the green heart of the city, by the end of the summer Uba House will be able to offer alternative accommodation for travellers, students, families and people who are open to the multi-cultural relations that are bound to characterise the place.


People who come to surf or do any other water sport will have a place to store their equipment and different accessibility solutions are currently being worked on with agents from the Surf City Donostia cluster in order to make it easier to transport people and their baggage.


Fomento de San Sebastian, municipal public company for the economic development of San Sebastian has promoted developing Uba House. Beyond strengthening tourism in the capital of Gipuzkoa, it has set the measurable target of a 55% occupation level for the first year of the project.